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Words by Daniel Lim

As we break for the holidays, we are not just spending time at the beach or on a holiday destination somewhere, but we are also spending time in the kitchen – planning and formulating new ideas for the new year.

Time is a wonderful privilege to us that is worth more than money, and we are taking this time to get better at what we do, and to provide you (our friends/customers) the best experience that we can.

2018 was such a wonderful year that consisted of serving lots of good food and good coffee, that this year (2019) comes with its own set of challenges and pressure to be even better.

That sense of pressure to grow posses its own set of challenges. But it is a good sense of pressure – a pressure to grow and to get better.

We’ve always believed that if we don’t grow, we stagnate, and we get comfortable… which will cause us to coast, and eventually, we would loose all sense of the reality of time, and become a fossil. That is why we have set time aside to reset, recalibrate, to train, and to think outside our comfort zones.

We’ve developed a new menu, one that is slightly different from the last, but at the same time one that we believe to be a better showcase what we can do with a sense of healthy restraint at the same time. The menu is not fancy or presumptuous, it doesn’t scream “look at us and what we can do”, but instead it is one that is closer to home, an honest refection of what we believe to be a balance between health and taste.

Our coffee offerings has grown and matured too. We chosen to highlight and champion local roasters because we believe in what they are trying to accomplish. It’s a hard industry to sink one’s teeth into, and it poses a real challenge to smaller roasters who are trying to accomplish excellence, whilst trying to balance their chequebooks. That is why we’ve chosen to strictly buy from Perth roasters only.

We’ve also chosen to focus on coffee growing regions of the world, and that is why we’ve also strictly focused on serving up Single Origin Coffees (at no extra charge). We believe in sourcing great coffee from amazing farmers and co-ops around the world. We want our coffee to have the maximum amount of traceability, thus shortening the gap between farmer, roaster and the consumer.

We don’t use “blends'‘, because we know that good coffee blends consist of a few good single origin coffees. This is not to say that blends are no good (for I’ve had the privilege of sampling many good blends), but to say that we want to focus on individual farms and highlight their life work. We want to slow down, and enjoy what we know to be good coffee and to expand our consciousness of the good that is going on in the world. Our desire is that this would translate into your experience as our customers too.

In 2019, we also want to bridge the gap between barista and the customer as well, and that is why we are inviting you to approach us when we are not too busy at the cafe, to learn more about where our coffee comes from, and to perhaps even pull a few espresso shots for yourself. We believe that we are all a part of the coffee culture here in Perth, and that we as the consumers have a part to play in making Perth the Cafe capital of the world (this may be wishful thinking, but hey; we all need to have dreams).

Above all, we hope that 2019 will be even a better year than 2018 in every single way possible. Cheers and much love from us to you!


2019 looks the year of lacto-fermantation for us.. Super flavourful and full of health benefits.

2019 looks the year of lacto-fermantation for us.. Super flavourful and full of health benefits.

Testing out new menu items, including the chicken, pimiento and spinach toastie. This may or may not make the cut for the 2019’s menu…

Testing out new menu items, including the chicken, pimiento and spinach toastie. This may or may not make the cut for the 2019’s menu…


Formulating our menu

17 December 2017
Words by Daniel Lim

A series of planned discoveries…

I do love eating at establishments with the traditional brunch menu items, and browsing through the typical “bakery cafe” windows, but I’ve never been overly passionate over the notion that every cafe should be that way.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many amazing cafes that do an amazing job with their pastries, croissants, avocado on toast, pancakes and more, but when it came to designing a menu, I never have desired to replicate or copy that.

I wanted a menu that would excite the team on a personal level. It needed to be one that we would be keen to eat and enjoy ourselves. I started challenging the team to look at ingredients that would evoke memories of our childhood and our travels, and to combine them to create the new ideas and concepts.

I experimented with items from my childhood that brought back good memories. I looked at ingredients that reminded me of that “first time taste” of something unique and special. Rather than being limited by what I thought a menu should look like, I wanted a menu that would represent who we were truly. In essence, when it came to the process - I was like a little kid, with an empty menu to fill, and a sense of curiosity and a hunger for more.

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